Mothers Day Card

‘Love heart flowers cards’ – This is an easy make for Mother’s Day which is only a couple of weeks away! The flowers and leaves are made by cutting out heart shapes from coloured sugar paper. I don’t cut these out with scissors ; I use paper cutters. Paper cutters or punches can be expensive but if you use them a lot they are soon worth the money spent. It would take me for ever to cut out hearts! The other shapes are squares/rectangles for the vase and thin strips of green paper for the stalks.

Handy tip – if your paper punch begins to get blunt cut a few shapes out of aluminium foil to sharpen it.


2 thoughts on “Mothers Day Card

  1. I love craft punches – makes preparation so much easier, and craft for large groups possible. My favourites are a gingerbread person shape and a dove!
    Your ideas are great – thank you for the inspiration.

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