On the way to Easter with Peter – Peter denies Jesus

Sometimes I like to give the parents/carers and children some actions to do during the story. We practise the actions first and then the idea is that everyone joins in at the right moment in the story!

Actions – running (either on the spot or making sound of running with hands tapping knees, stars in the sky,  pretending to shiver and rubbing hands to be warm.

There are also some words to join in with – a rooster crowing, saying ‘No’ and counting to 3.

The story

Some people didn’t like Jesus and they wanted to make trouble for him. He was taken away and asked lots of questions. His friends ran away! All except Peter who followed to where Jesus had been taken. He stayed outside. It was dark – there were stars in the sky. It was cold too and Peter shivered. He tried to stay warm.

‘You are a friend of Jesus’, a woman said.

‘No!’ said Peter. Then he heard the rooster crow

‘You are a friend of Jesus’ she said again

‘No!’ said Peter

Then other people joined in – ‘You are a friend of Jesus’

What would Peter say? He said ‘No!’

Then he heard the rooster crow. Peter remembered that Jesus had told him that before the rooster crowed twice he would say he wasn’t Jesus’ friend 1,2, 3 times. Peter was so sad that he cried.

But Jesus still loved Peter and Easter is all about how Jesus can forgive us when we do wrong things. Jesus was going to forgive Peter.


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