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God is good! He gives us the beautiful world.

There’s been a lot in the news about how our planet is in danger. We are losing biodiversity at a faster rate than ever before. We need to be grateful for the beautiful creation that God has given to us. … Continue reading

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God made the land

We’e been gradually going through all the things that God made using SU’s Tiddlywinks ‘The Big Green Book’ as a starting point. We’ve learnt about God making water, the sun, moon and stars and the sky. This time it was … Continue reading

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God made the sky

To tell the story (have the props in a story bag and take them out when you need them) ‘God made the sky. It was big and empty. So God put the sun in the sky for daytime. He put … Continue reading

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Genesis 1 – ‘Would you Adam and Eve it?’

Genesis 1 tells us how it all began. It is a chronological telling of how the world began. Once there was just God and then he spoke the world into being. Our beginning matters because if God made us then … Continue reading

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