Favourite books to share

Do you have a cosy corner for sharing books? Does your toddler group have a special space for parents and children to read a book together?

Last week I spotted a  mum sitting in our comfy book corner with her son and baby daughter. They were surrounded by books and were, in her words, having a ‘book fest’. Even though it was time for snacks I left them to it – they had to finish the book!

When my own children were small we had a favourite book – we can still quote parts of it to each other. It’s ‘So Much’ written by Trish Cooke and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. When I joined the Toddler Group Team at my church I bought a copy for our group. Everyone should have a chance to enjoy this book.

It’s all about a family and how that family love the new baby – they love him so much. As the book goes on we are introduced to all the family – mum, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas. The illustrations are fab.


Do you have a favourite children’s book? Please share!

3 thoughts on “Favourite books to share

    1. Hi Clare,, I feel really pleased with myself because our copy of the ‘Jolly postman’ still has all the letters! Christmas in Exeter Street looks lovely – Amazon is so dangerous – I have just ordered a copy 🙂 It seems like the perfect time of year to enjoy it. I love the illustrations in children’s books. Thank you for the recommendation.

      1. My pleasure, Rachel. I think we have all the JP letters too! My younger daughter (20 years) and I love children’s books, especially the illustrations!

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