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Pegs for legs



to add something to the telling of the Christmas story – add sheep and camels that stand up on pegs for legs.

Draw a simple camel or sheep (without legs!) on to card and cut out. Add the pegs.

You could also do this as a craft activity – just be careful with the pegs.

The Lost Sheep


Over the next three weeks our Bible stories at Toddler group will be about ‘Lost Things’. we start with the story Jesus told about the Lost Sheep from Luke 15:1-7.

We will be referring to ‘lots of sheep’ rather than using large numbers – 99 and 100, which don’t mean much if you are under 3 years old.

There is a simple craft. The sheep worksheet is from Activityvillage  (link above). The children can add cotton wool and colour with wax crayons. I sometimes limit the choice of colours, but on other occasions I may be quite happy with multi-coloured sheep!



Here’s a link to the other post about The lost Sheep.