Group craft to make!

Group craft is an alternative to having everyone make something to take home. Some things really lend themselves to a big group make. Goliath to decorate with collage material, the Tower of Babel to either build with cardboard boxes or create a 2D version by sticking ‘bricks’ onto a roll of paper. Noah’s Ark makes… Read More Group craft to make!

Bible alphabet – E is for Eve

E is for Eve. Although the bible doesn’t say that Eve ate an apple we used an apple to tell the story from Genesis 3 as it’s a familiar fruit for the children. It worked well having two real apples to choose from held by a person pretending to be a tree. Then an adult playing… Read More Bible alphabet – E is for Eve

The Lost Sheep Over the next three weeks our Bible stories at Toddler group will be about ‘Lost Things’. we start with the story Jesus told about the Lost Sheep from Luke 15:1-7. We will be referring to ‘lots of sheep’ rather than using large numbers – 99 and 100, which don’t mean much if you are… Read More The Lost Sheep