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Kandinsky inspired Valentine craft

I love this painting by Wassily Kandinsky. Lovely colours. the idea of using a painting as the inspiration for a craft really appeals to me – it’s a great way of introducing children to art. So for Valentines Day we will be doing our own version – not quite so colourful and of couse no circles – just hearts.


I will be giving each child an A4 page with hearts already printed on – just as a guide. There will be lots of different coloured hearts all various shapes. I use construction paper available here. It’s just the right weight and easy to cut. Great colours too!

This is my version – the children will have their own ideas which is always good. There are lots of learning opportunities here – fine motor skill practice, naming and recognising colours, learning about shapes and sizes.

DSCN0678 DSCN0676


Older children could make their own version – they could cut out heart shapes themselves. 🙂

Valentine Wreath Craft – free Pdf


Valentine day craft.

To make:

Print a circle on to card for each child. Either cut them out for the children or let older children do that for themselves.

Print red and white hearts and again either cut them out for the children or let them do that themselves. They could add the names of family members to the hearts.

The ribbon can either be the verse from 1 John or blank for the child’s name. The children could colour this.

Let the children arrange the ribbon and hearts as they wish and then they can stick them down with glue.

I’ve included Pdf files of the templates.

Love_hearts     Wreath       Wreath_Ribbon         Wreath_Ribbon_(Blank)


If you would like to donate towards craft supplies we would be very grateful