Kandinsky inspired Valentine craft

I love this painting by Wassily Kandinsky. Lovely colours. the idea of using a painting as the inspiration for a craft really appeals to me – it’s a great way of introducing children to art. So for Valentines Day we will be doing our own version – not quite so colourful and of couse no circles – just hearts.


I will be giving each child an A4 page with hearts already printed on – just as a guide. There will be lots of different coloured hearts all various shapes. I use construction paper available here. It’s just the right weight and easy to cut. Great colours too!

This is my version – the children will have their own ideas which is always good. There are lots of learning opportunities here – fine motor skill practice, naming and recognising colours, learning about shapes and sizes.

DSCN0678 DSCN0676


Older children could make their own version – they could cut out heart shapes themselves. 🙂

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