Jonah and the One Great Big Fish – A Bible Number Story

We are thinking about counting in toddler group. So we have some Bible Stories with numbers. First up is ‘Jonah and the One Great Big fish‘. The Bible truth for toddlers in this story is ‘God always knows where we are’. The story is from the book of Jonah.

To tell the Story you need – Jonah (we used a figure from happyland), a big fish (the one pictured is VERY big – made over a tent) and a toy boat.

Jonah and the boat to Ninevah
The big fish that swallowed Jonah

God told Jonah to go to the big city called Ninevah (can you say that? repeat the name together) and tell everyone there about me.

But Jonah didn’t like the people in the big city of Ninevah.

‘I don’t want to! I’m not going to go!’ He said (have you ever said that?)

Jonah thought to himself ‘I will go far away – so far away that God won’t know where I am.’ He went and got on a boat.

But then the rain came and the wind blew – and out of the boat came Jonah – and splash into the sea!

Down, down, down he went. ‘Please God, help me!’ he prayed.

God knew exactly where Jonah was, God always knows where we are; and he sent something to help. It wasn’t a boat – it was one great big fish. The one great big fish opened up it’s mouth and swallowed Jonah. He was safe!

The one great big fish took Jonah back to land. God said, ‘Jonah, go to Ninevah’. And this time Jonah did.

Decorate the big fish! It’s a free download.

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