Spread some love and hope..

It’s a good time to share a rainbow – and maybe a Bible verse of hope.. Lots of people have been putting pictures of rainbows in their windows. I decided to join in. Maybe you would like to join in too.

This could be something that our toddler group families would like to do – I’ve shared the link below with our facebook toddler group page. You don’t need to use paint – any type of crayons, felt tips or collage would be great. I used the paint that I rescued from our store cupboard as we closed!

Hers’s a link all about sharing rainbows https://www.popsugar.co.uk/parenting/kids-put-drawings-up-in-windows-during-coronavirus-outbreak-47324740?fbclid=IwAR00_NvkRKY48jobq5St2LT3Gh2sq3HPvAzuQ3jWddlQQSMxF3oGI-cr0n0

We added God’s promise

rainbow craft

We have been hearing the story of Noah at Toddler Group and this week we are finding out about the rainbow and how God keeps his promises. Our craft is quite small as I bought the cloud shapes and the only ones I could find are actually gift tags. The rainbow is made from ribbon.