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God made people – story and craft ideas

For the Story..

At the very beginning of the world God made everything. He made all the plants and animals. But who was going to look after them? God made people to care for the plants and animals.

When God made people he breathed life into them and they were perfect! He called the man he made Adam and the woman that he made Eve. They were the worlds first family. God told them to look after everything that he had made and everything was very good. (thumbs up). Can you remember the things God made that the people had to look after?

There was the land and the sea. There was the plants; the tall trees and the small flowers. There were the small animals and the large animals. (Have pictures and toy animals to show to the children from a story bag). God had made all these beautiful things and now Adam and Eve were to look after them.

God loved the people he had made and he loves you and me too. We are all important and special to him.

Some craft ideas –

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