Spring/Easter wreath craft (DIY)


To make this simple wreath you will need

Paper plates with the centre cut out

Leaf shapes cut from sugar paper (construction paper)

Petits fours paper cases

Buttons/Tissue paper

Glue (preferably PVA as everything will stick better)

Glue spreaders

To make

Begin by gluing leaves to the paper plate ring.

Add the petits fours cases to make flowers

Add buttons/tissue paper to the centre of the petits fours cake cases (optional – no need to use these if younger children are making the wreaths as buttons can be a chocking hazard)

Note – separate the petits fours cake cases before the children begin or you will end up with a sticky cake case mess!

Christmas tree


IMG_3267This is a very easy craft –  the children draw around a tree template and cut out the shape. Then they decorate the tree with glittery shapes/paper and glitter glue and small pompoms (these are a little unwilling to stick but will if they are held down for a few seconds). Punch a hole in the top of the tree and add wool or cord.

Glitter glue can take a while to dry so allow for that when you make these.

T o make a Christmas tree template – white A4 card folded in half lengthwise – draw half a tree beginning and ending on the folded edge. When you unfold the card you will have a symmetrical tree. Cut out.

Multi coloured Christmas Tree decorations

IMG_3252 IMG_3253

You will need sugar paper or gold or silver card (about 100g in weight) cut in to circles. Aim for five circles per decoration.

A hole punch

Wool or thread



Fold each of the five circles in half – if the gold/silver card is white on one side make sure you fold that circle with the gold/silver on the inside.




Start to glue together – take on circle – glue one half of it – and stick another circle to it – carry this on till you have one circle left and then stick all of that circle to the decoration to make it complete.



IMG_3256 IMG_3257 IMG_3258

You need to punch a hole in the decoration. This is tricky! Fold the decoration as in the picture and carefully punch a hole.



Add wool or similar – to make the decoration hang straight thread one piece of the woolpart way round again so the two threads are opposite each other and then tie a knot. IMG_3260

You can do different colour combinations and younger children might like to make the decoration with just four circles to begin with.

You can buy ready cut circles or use a 3inch craft punch. It is best to have perfect circles but you could cut your own.

Autumn/fall craft



IMG_2933 IMG_2932




This is a simple autumn wreath.

What you need:

A card circle with the middle cut out. You can buy these but I drew round a paper plate and a pencil pot. Use a low weight card to make cutting out easier.


Hole punch

Tissue paper, in autumn colours, to cover the wreath and some to scrunch up into ‘berries’

Leaf shapes in autumn colours, plus a few green (this adds a bit of zing to the picture!)

Yellow wool to tie through a hole (use a hole punch)

Display some autumn pictures to give children ideas.


Looking back ..

Looking back .. img_01671