Memory Verse Know How (3)

So we have thought about why we teach children to learn part of the Bible and how we go about making a beginning. We have a verse and we’ve got an exciting way of getting the children thinking about the concept we want them to remember. But what about those words that can be tricky to understand? What about making sure that what we are trying to teach is the same thing as the children are learning? Sometimes words need to be explained.why teach memory verses?

Let’s look at the verses that we used last time and think about some words that we may need to explain or clarify.

Verse – Psalm 119: 130 ‘The unfolding of your words gives light’ – We may need to ask the children whose words give light? Is it our words or someone else’s? Who is that someone else? It’s God’s words that give light.

Verse – Psalm 119:73 ‘Your hands have made me’. Again, who is the verse talking about? Ask the children who it is that this part of the Bible says made them.

Verse – Luke 19:10 ‘For the Son of man came to seek and to save the lost’- Who is the Son of man? We need to explain that this is a title that Jesus gave to himself. If you have introduced the verse by hunting for lego mini figures you can explain that you were seeking for them. Who are the lost? What does that mean? People who don’t know Jesus.

Learning a verse from the Bible is a good thing to do. Learning it and understanding it is a better thing to do.

Memory Verse Know How (1)

This is something a little different – but just might become a bit of a feature of the blog. A few posts about things we do in Sunday School or children’s mid week clubs. Why we do them and different ideas about how we do them. The comment box is there for you to share ideas too. There is so much to learn from the way people do things!

So this post is all about Teaching Memory Verses.

Do you still teach children verses from the Bible? Do they still enjoy learning verses from the Bible?

why teach memory verses?

Children can of course learn really well. But teaching a verse from the Bible needs to be more that learning by rote. Repetition will help them remember the words but won’t aid their understanding of what the words mean.

So why bother with Memory Verses?

The Bible is God’s book and worth remembering

If you learn a verse really well it’ll stay with you

That verse that has stayed with you can be useful in life – a promise to lean on, words that bring comfort, a reminder about who God is.

God’s words help us in the way that we live. Psalm 119 is full of reminders that God’s words are helpful. They guide us and comfort us.

So if and when we teach a memory verse to children and they learn it’s meaning and remember it, we are giving them something that will stay with them. We are building in to their future.

It’s worth doing!

Next time – catching the children’s interest (Memory Verse Know How 2)