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Rio 2016

Maybe you are going to do something special for the Rio Olympics (5-21 August) and Rio Paralympics (7-18 September)?

For London 2012 we had some silicone wristbands and a tract explaining the good news about Jesus using 5 colours – yellow, grey, red, white and green. The first four colours are on the wristband and in the dark the whole thing glows green.

So why am I telling you this? Well we have sent thousands of these wristbands to churches all over the place and so this year we would like to do the same. If you would like some for your children that’s fine or your church Holiday Bible Club or church group. They are suitable for ages 5 – 12 (they will fit an adults/teens wrist but may be a tight fit!)

We don’t invoice you – if you would like some wristbands and the tract the cost price is 35p each but a donation of any amount is just fine. We do ask that you pay postage costs.

So if you are interested send us an email – cefofeastlondon@aol.com.


There is a website on the tract too wondersurf.com and some space to put a small sticker with your church/group details.