Genesis 1 – ‘Would you Adam and Eve it?’

Genesis 1 tells us how it all began. It is a chronological telling of how the world began. Once there was just God and then he spoke the world into being. Our beginning matters because if God made us then this is his world and we are accountable to him. So do we Adam and… Read More Genesis 1 – ‘Would you Adam and Eve it?’

In the beginning..God made people

A couple of simple crafts to accompany teaching about creation – We made a collage of people surrounding a world map when we did the story of God making people from Genesis 1. The paper plate globe is a different version of the same idea – this time stickers are used to decorate the paper… Read More In the beginning..God made people

Creation Craft Place Mat

Make a ‘creation celebration’ placemat. You will need: A laminator and laminate pouches ( if you don’t have these you could use ‘tacky back’ or make a poster) A4 black paper – trim slightly to fit in the laminate Pictures of animals and the natural world- from clip art/ magazines Glue and scissors The words… Read More Creation Craft Place Mat