Spread some love and hope..

It’s a good time to share a rainbow – and maybe a Bible verse of hope.. Lots of people have been putting pictures of rainbows in their windows. I decided to join in. Maybe you would like to join in too.

This could be something that our toddler group families would like to do – I’ve shared the link below with our facebook toddler group page. You don’t need to use paint – any type of crayons, felt tips or collage would be great. I used the paint that I rescued from our store cupboard as we closed!

Hers’s a link all about sharing rainbows https://www.popsugar.co.uk/parenting/kids-put-drawings-up-in-windows-during-coronavirus-outbreak-47324740?fbclid=IwAR00_NvkRKY48jobq5St2LT3Gh2sq3HPvAzuQ3jWddlQQSMxF3oGI-cr0n0

We added God’s promise