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Autumn Activities


Autumn is a great time of year for crafts and activities. The colours and textures of autumn lend themselves to so many colourful crafts and there’s lots to see and do to celebrate the season.

Autumn craft activities

A few ideas of things to use for crafts that celebrate Autumn (be mindful of the age of the children – avoid small items when making craft with younger children)

Pinterest Board – take look at some great ideas for autumn crafts!

There are some autumn activities already on the blog. Take a look at a playdough idea here and a nature table idea here and an autumn wreath idea here.

If you want to grow a tree then you can plant a conker in a pot! So long as you keep the squirrels from digging it up it will grow into a tree. (Don’t plant it in your garden unless you want a really huge tree! – much better to keep it in a pot and keep repotting it until you are happy with it’s size) Here’s how…

Here’s our tree that we grew from a conker!

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