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Pringle people to make


Here’s some instructions on how to make pringle people. They are easy to make and really useful when telling Bible stories. You can make lots of variations and they stand up all by themselves which keeps the storytellers hands free for lots of actions!

All you need to make pringle people

How to make pringle people

Clean out your container and replace the lid. Cover the tube with coloured paper and secure with cellotape or glue. Add a face – it can have any expression that you choose. If you want hair add it now. Then secure the headress using the material and a pipe cleaner. Then add the cloak using the felt and secure with a pipe cleaner.

You can use pringle people in all sorts of Bible Stories. We’ve used the basic idea and made Pharoah and Joseph for the story about ‘Frogs in the bed!‘ You can add all sorts of extras such as Pharoah’s style of dress. We also used the idea to make Jezebel and added beads and buttons.

Children can make their own versions too and retell the story.

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