God knows when I feel….scared

God really does know how we feel. This week’s story is from Luke 8:22-25 when the disciples were scared. Even though Jesus was sleeping he is the Son of God, and he still knew how the disciples felt.

Bible truth for Toddlers – God knows when I am scared

In the storybag – disciples, a boat, a cushion and the emoji face. There are lots of actions you could do during this story. Encourage everyone to join in.

To begin – I wonder if you have ever felt scared or frightened? – show the emoji face. One day Jesus’ friends were very scared. Let’s find out what happened…

Jesus and his friends got into the boat. ‘Lets go across the lake’, Jesus said.

They began to row. But Jesus wasn’t rowing. He was doing something else. He was sleeping.

Jesus’ friends kept rowing.

And then something started. Drip, drip, splash, splash. It was raining! Whoosh, whoosh! The wind was blowing! The boat was rocking. The boat was fillng up with water!! Oh no! They were in danger. And they were scared.

‘Wake up, Jesus!’ they said, ‘We are in danger and we are scared.’

Jesus knew they were scared. He cared about his friends.

‘Stop!’ Jesus said to the wind, the rain and the stormy waves. And they stopped. And everything was calm

Jesus cares when we are scared. We can ask for his help.

The labels are available for download. Either print on paper and cut out or print onto a sheet of labels.

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