Bible town scene to make

Making a Bible town scene is one of my favourite Holiday Bible Club crafts. It fits with so many Bible stories as it is just a scene of a town. It’s fun to make and 3D.

All you need is

  • Square paper plate (needs to be quite sturdy)
  • Tissue paper/sugar paper
  • Background scene printed onto card – same size in width as the centre of the paper plate with about an inch of card that can be folded to make a flap which will be glued so the scene stands on the paper plate
  • Felt tips for colouring the scene
  • Square block of wood to make a house – doors and windows and outside steps to be added by the children

To Assemble the children need to –

  1. Colour the background scene and stick onto paper plate to make a back drop
  2. Add doors, windows and steps to house (wooden block) and glue onto the plate in the foreground
  3. Add tissue paper/sugar paper to make paths/grass/sand

We bought the background scene from (as of 2023 I don’t think they sell it anymore.)

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