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Harvest – cereal box 3D picture

A 3D harvest picture made from a cereal box is a different craft to the usual – it takes a bit of effort to prepare but is well worth it. You need a cereal box for each child. We asked our church to donate boxes over several weeks. So to do this craft for harvest we started asking for donations in July. It didn’t matter that the boxes were a variety of sizes. If you are running a church toddler group asking people to donate items for the craft is a great way to get the church involved with your group.

To make a harvest 3D cereal box picture, you need

Preparation to do ahead – you need to put the cereal boxes back together by taping the top together. The box should be able to stand up. Then cut a window (I used a craft knife for this). Make sure you leave a rim, a bit like having a frame around the window. Prepare the grass by cutting  green paper to the width of the box. Print out the tractors.

The children can then add all the other bits and bobs. They need to start off with the pictures inside the box and then add the grass, sun, cloud, rain etc..

Here’s a link to another Harvest/Autumn blog post with an activity and a scarecrow craft

Here is a song to enjoy. Simple lyrics, great tune! This is a great song for toddler group as you could easily add actions for everyone to join in with.

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