The Treasure Box People

It’s great when things come together isn’t it? This week it’s my turn to tell the story at Tuesday Toddler Group and it’s The Lost Sheep. A week ago I ordered a Treasure Box (they have a special offer and I couldn’t resist) and it’s all about The Lost Sheep.

The Treasure Box People is a subscription box designed for families to learn more about the Bible together. (£10 for a single – enough for one child and £15 for up to three children) Each month you receive a box full of craft ideas (and more!) to make as a family with easy instructions and everything you need. There is a Bible story book to read together. The crafts, games and ideas for prayer all relate to this story. In my box it is Nick Butterworth’s and Mick Inkpen’s retelling of The Lost sheep. My children would have loved this!

I really like the variety of activities – the pom pom sheep is a make that will take some time, the shepherd is a bit quicker to put together and the lost sheep game would be great to play every day! The packaging is child friendly paper bags. And children love getting something through the post.

The Treasure Box People spring special offer has a few more days to run. Well worth trying out for yourself. Here’s the link

Spring Sale from the Treasure Box People

While you are here have a look at my giveaway 

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