Memory Monday – Mark 2:10b

‘the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins’ Mark 2:10b

This memory verse is from the story about the four friends who take a man to see Jesus. They carry him up onto the roof, pull it apart and lower him down in front of Jesus. Jesus tells the man that his sins are forgiven. This causes the religious leaders to become annoyed – who can forgive sins but God alone? Jesus makes the above statement and then to prove that he is God he heals the man completely.

Getting started

Have some pictures of well known leaders who have authority – Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin for example. Talk about who they are and how powerful they are. Explain that the memory verse is about someone with even more authority than the most powerful leaders.



Moving On

Read the verse together. (It could be written out on a white board). Explain that the Son of Man is a name Jesus often used when he was talking about himself. He alone has the power to forgive sins. He is the one sent from God to die on the cross taking the punishment that others deserve.

Taking it to heart

Read the verse together from the white board. let the children take it in turns to erase one word at a time and each time a word is erased say the verse together.

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