2 thoughts on “Nativity scene

  1. Eliz Townsend

    We enjoyed making our Christmas cards at the Toddler group I lead using these stickers . At circle time I told the Christmas story using a knitted nativity set and we sang action songs illustrating the characters in the story. This is the way we flap our wings for the Angels, Joseph hammers with one hammer, donkey, donkey don’t you stop, Away in a Manger, Bba Baa Black sheep, twinkle twinkle little star and They’ll be following a bright star when they come, riding grumpy camels, giving special presents etc.

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    • Hi Eliz, that sounds fantastic. I hope to have a knitted nativity ready for next year as they are so child friendly. Your song choices are great. Thank you for sharing these ideas. I am looking forward to our Christmas special tomorrow. If I get a minute I’ll take some pictures of the children’s crafts. 🙂


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