Christmas Quiz Idea – 5-11 year olds


I bought this felt bauble and tree wall decoration from hobbycraft a few weeks ago. At £6 I thought it was a bit of a bargain as felt isn’t cheap!

We will be using it as a Christmas quiz in a few weeks time at our Holiday Bible Club Christmas Special. Very simply – points have been added to the back of the main baubles with stickers. These will be in a bag. If you get a question right you get to pick a bauble from the bag. You split the children into two teams – even out the ages so they are as equal as possible. Give the teams names – something Christmassy. Someone keeps score. Even if everyone gets all the questions right there is still excitement as one team will get more points and the winner won’t be decided till the last question.

As a twist you can add a ‘give or keep’ option. In an envelope prepare lots of slips of paper that say ‘keep’ and a few that say ‘give’. After the bauble has been selected the child then dips into the envelope and picks one of the slips of paper. This does add excitement but you have to be sure that the children in your group will enjoy this and not find it disappointing if they pick a ‘give’ as if they do the points get given to the other team!

Of course this tree can be used for other things – a great item for Christmas Toddler group and crèche. My only complaint about it is that the loop at the top would not last if children were repeatedly putting on and taking off the baubles so it needs to be pinned up a different way of put flat on the floor for children to play with.

There are 24 items to attach to the tree so it could also be used as an Advent Tree.

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