all about me – I can talk

We’ve been learning about ourselves at toddler group. This was our last session this half term and was all about talking. The story was the Tower of Babel. We used actions to show building (fists on top of each other over and over – like the rhyme one potato. two potato), talking (using our hands to opening and closing), our tower getting higher and  higher (stretching up high) and God looking down (hand above eyes looking down). When God was not happy that the people thought they were more important than him he sent new words and people couldn’t understand each other (everyone shrug shoulders). They had to stop building the tower.

But we still have words – we can say hello (everyone say hello) and we can sing … and then we sang some songs.

We had 43 adults and their children today so busy but happily so 🙂

Craft idea – megaphone! Sorry for the poor light for some of the photos – it’s the same piece of green card! Beforehand cut the card as shown and roll to make a cone shape. I used cellotape to stick the card to make the shape.


SAM_1092 SAM_1093 SAM_1094

Then let the children decorate – the smiley face stickers are from Waitrose. Very reasonably priced and a good size. Sticky stars would be good too.


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