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Emergency Bible lesson!


Do you ever have to organise a last minute Bible lesson/story for your Sunday school or Church club? Maybe someone is absent and you are the one who gets the text message ‘Can you sort out a Bible Story for club tonight?’

Well, here is an idea to help. There are a few things you will need but your group may already have them. Even better think ahead and have an Emergency Bible Story Kit all ready made up! The age group in mind is 5-11 year olds

The story is ….

Jesus calms the storm (Mark 4:35-41)

Main teaching point – Who is Jesus? The Son of God.


To tell the story you will need a parachute and a Bible.

To prepare take some time to read the Bible passage. It is a very simple story. Make a mental note of what happens when and where the action takes place and what time of day it is. These details are important and will help with telling the story.

Now with the children

Everyone sits around an opened out parachute. Play a couple of parachute games fIrst to burn off some energy. Play one game of making waves and then stopping when a leader calls out ‘Be still’. This will come in handy when you tell the story.Then calm everyone down by finishing with making calmer and calmer ripples until eveyone is sitting still.

Now you are ready to begin. Have the children sit around the parachute and if you are the one telling the story you might want to stand and not have to work the parachute (let other leaders/heplers do that) Explain that the parachute will be Lake Galilee in the Bible Story and that at the moment it is still and calm. The sun is setting and it’s getting late. Jesus and his disciples have been very busy all day .. then continue telling the story in your own words. Remember that Jesus gets into the boat and makes himself comfortable with a pillow and goes to sleep. Then the storm starts. Get the group to use the parachute to imitate the waves as they get rough.

The disciples become more and more anxious – they wake Jesus up ‘Don’t you care?’ Then he speaks to the storm, ‘Be still’. The group need to still the parachute straight away.

Why are you so afraid, have you still no faith?’ Jesus asked. The disciple were filled with fear, ‘ Who is this that even the wind and waves obey him?’ they asked each other. (If you can, read this from your Bible)

Teaching point – How could Jesus make the storm stop? The Bible tells us that Jesus was able to make the world. (John 1:3) Nature obeys him because he is God.

Application point – If Jesus is God what does that mean for us? How should we treat Jesus? Give the children some ideas – you could write them on large pieces of paper or a white board. (for example – listen to him, follow him, obey him, find out more about him from the Bible)

Craft Idea – if you have white, blue and brown paper you could make ‘storm’ and ‘calm’ pictures. The children would need the paper, glue and scissors. Feel free to print the following pictures to give them ideas. We use Construction paper from Costco but you can get it from Amazon too. It’s always useful!


Hope this helps if you are ever ‘landed in it’ when it comes to telling a Bible Story!


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