It’s cold! Let’s make Bobble hat and mittens craft

A bobble hat and mittens craft to celebrate the cold, wintry weather. There are two free printables for you to use. I printed the outlines of the bobble hat and the mittens onto paper but you could use card if you like. If you are using Pritt Stick the paper will be fine but if using PVA thicker paper or card would be better. This is a great craft for using up scraps of collage materials. Let the children choose the textures and colours that they like.

You can also choose to use mainly yarn. I have lots of small bits of yarn that I keep from crochet projects so that will be on the craft table to choose from. It’s always useful to keep collage materials if you can or ask friends that crochet or knit to save the odd ends of wool/yarn.

You could also add large pompoms or cotton wool make up remover pads to add some pattern and extra texture.

Older children can have a go at making the mitten decoration symmetrical.

For younger children there lots of fine motor skill practice and learning the names of colours. Lot’s of opportunities to talk about the cold weather too!


Bobble hat collage made using yarn
Mittens collage using yarn

Mittens – free printable for mittens

Bobble_Hat – free printable for the bobble hat

Have a look at some winter inspired fake snow for sensory play here

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