Time for a giveaway! – toddler group resource

A few months ago I won a giveaway on a blog. It was a lovely surprise. So I’ve decided to do a giveaway of my own. It will be a copy of the Toddler Group Bible Storytime Book and a few nice surprises.


We will post anywhere in the world!

To enter just leave a comment. We will draw a winner out of a hat. (I’ll post photos – we won’t cheat!)

The book has stories and craft and play ideas for under three’s.

Oh, and you have till Jan 31 2015 to enter.

The winner will recieve a message and be asked to provide a current address after 31 Jan 2015. Please don’t put your address in the comments.

Thank you!



28 thoughts on “Time for a giveaway! – toddler group resource

  1. Some lovely craft ideas on your site – will definitely be using some and also must get the knitting needles out to make some knitted Bible characters – you don’t have a pattern do you?
    Would love to win the giveaway – at our church we have 3 sessions of Pramtime a week.

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  2. Just ran across your blog on Pinterest while trying to plan my Sunday School lesson. You have some great ideas! This book looks like a great resource! Would love to win it!

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