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a is for Adam

A is for Adam! This is the start of our Bible Alphabet. We’ll have a Bible Story connected to each letter each story time for 26 weeks. There will be lots of variety as some letters will stand for people, others for places and some for jobs!

a is for Adam story idea

A long time ago there was just God. Then God began to make everything. And one of the things he made was the very first man. Meet Adam! (take a doll or similar that represents Adam from the story bag) Let’s say hello to Adam.

Now Adam was given a special job to do by God – he was to care for the animals that God had made. Let’s meet some of the animals that Adam had to look after – take different toy animals from the story bag and name them and make their sounds (if possible!).

Just like Adam we should take care of the animal that God made.

craft idea

This craft concentrates on things beginning with ‘a’. Children can stick, colour and add tissue paper decoration.

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